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Field Prefill
Field Prefill

Simplify form completion with Field Prefill

Optimize your data collection and improve the employee and customer experience with SSO-powered field prefill.

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Field Prefill simplifies the form completion process by utilizing existing SSO data.

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Form filling has never been easier

How often have you had to fill out the same fields over and over when completing a form? With Formstack’s Field Prefill feature, you can leverage Single Sign-On (SSO) to pre-populate an end user’s form using data stored within your SSO provider. This ensures data is consistent, systems are in sync, forms are easier to complete, and everyone is happy!

Improve your data collection

Formstack’s Field Prefill feature gives you the power to easily create an enjoyable form experience for customers and employees.

Use existing SSO data to prefill forms with a user’s data as soon as they provide their login credentials.


Create a form completion experience that is easy, consistent, and tailored to each employee and customer. You can even embed forms within customer, student, or client portals.


Require an SSO login to access forms, and set custom field settings once that can be used across an account.

How It Works

Set up Field Prefill on your forms in four easy steps:

First, you need to start a trial by navigating to your profile dropdown and selecting "Prefill Mapping." From there you'll see a button to start your trial.

if you do not see this in your profile, it is due to you not being on a plan that is compatible with Field Prefill. Contact your account manager for more information.

Step 1: Log into your Forms account, navigate to your Account Profile Page, and select Form Authentication.

Step 2: Select Add Form Authentication, give your form authentication a name, and select your provider type. Providers you can choose from include: Google SSO, LDAP, Active Directory, SAME 2.0, and CAS. Once you complete this step, Formstack will automatically pull in a list of 14 data fields from your SSO provider. You can add custom fields as well.

Step 3: Navigate to the Prefill Mapping tab to map fields from your SSO provider to the saved fields on your form. You'll need to first create saved fields on your form before prefill mapping can begin. Once you’ve mapped your fields and reviewed your user access settings, move your mapping from Inactive to Active.

Step 4: You’re now ready to build forms with Field Prefill! Create a form, turn on the Field Prefill toggle, and drag and drop pre-fillable fields onto your form. And presto! You’ll have smart forms that will automatically prefill information when employees and customers log in with SSO.

To learn more about setting up Field Prefill, please read this help article.

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